We are facilitators of innovation

Materalia is the leading cluster in the Industry, Materials and Processes field in the Great East region in France

Created in 2006 on the French government initiative and supported by the Great East region’s public authorities.

Materalia gathers over 400 stakeholders and partners in France and Europe. Together we set up and execute innovative projects around our 4 field of activities: industry, health, mobility and energy to accelerate green and digital transformation

What we can offer you

Project consultancy

  • Project identification
  • Management and organisation review
  • Grant management
  • Labellisation


Capacity building
  • · Workshops
  • · Case studies
  • · Networking events (industry-academia-public bodies)
Innovation ecosystem Capacity building
  • · Knowledge sharing events
  • · Matchmaking
  • · Community platform (E-Materelia)

Business intelligence

  • Identification of skills and technologies
  • Data collection and capitalisation
  • Decision making support


  • Acces the European Innovation ecosystem
  • Foresight on EU calls for projects
  • Partners and consortium finding
  • Project set up

Our core EU skills

Business intelligence and identification of skills and technologies

Dissemination and explotation of activities and results

Stakeholder engagement (Industry, academia, public bodies)

Our fields of activity


Lusters meet Regions | European Cluster Collaboration Platform

March 8-9 – 2023
Lyon, France

09:00 – 10:007

Materalia, other clusters and policymakers of the EU at national, regional, and local levels will come together to learn from each other, and find ways to better use clusters to strengthen industrial ecosystems

Multi Materials Forum

September 11–12 – 2023
Technopôle convention center, Metz 

03:00 – 20:30

Materalia invites you to join more than 200 industrial and academic stakeholders interested in technological innovation and major challenges of multi-materials and technological trends

Prestige Evening & General Assembly

December 12 – 2023

03:00 – 20:30

Materalia will welcome its members and partners to circle back on achieved milestones, elect a new steering board and validate steps towards the future. In an all, sharing a pleasant moment with our industrial ecosystem.


4 rue Augustin Fresnel
Bâtiment CIRAM
57070 Metz
Tél. :

46 rue Edouard Mignot
51100 Reims

9A rue Claude Chrétien
BP 50028 08005

Bâtiment KMØ 30
Rue François Spoerry
68100 Mulhouse

We are facilitators of innovation

What we can offer you

Our fields of activity Our

Eu core skills