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World Materials Forum

event postponed for 10 AND 11 JUNE 2020


The 6th edition will happen in Nancy on June 10th and 11th 2020 and the theme will be "From Breakthrough Innovation to Industry: Sound and Fast"

The plenary sessions of WMF 2020 will be on Critical Materials, Materials Efficiency KPIs, Circular economy for Bulk materials (steel, aluminium and cement), Making 3D Industrial, Fuel Cells, Collecting & Recycling Polymers and Composites. There will also be a few 2/3 persons debates on Global Public Cooperation, Smart Cities ... and Spintronics for Reduction of Energy Consumption. And of course our Start Up Program with World Materials Connect and the Start Up Challenge.

Thank you again for your support and see you soon.

Victoire de Margerie and Philippe Varin

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