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The benefit of using Powder Matellurgy in the automotive sector à Hary

Press & Sinter Showcase

A2MAC1 Parts Exhibition

The Benefit of Using Powder Metallurgy (PM) in the Automotive Sector

This new EPMA event will showcase a wide range of parts made from PM, or that have potential to made from PM. It will take place at the A2Mac1 facility in Hary, France and is hoped to be the largest showcase organised by EPMA.

On January 15, the event will begin with presentations from experts explaining what Powder Metallurgy is, the benefits of using the technology and the techniques to improve the design of parts to be made in PM. Participants will then begin to explore the showroom which will feature a variety of parts from the automotive industry. Participants will be able to learn more about the entries in the showcase and discuss with experts which parts that are currently using the Powder Metallurgy technology, and those that have potential to in the future. The event will offer time to network with others in the industry.

For further information, contact Sabine Hazoumé, Events & Project Co-ordinator on sh@epma.com

Course Fee

The course fee is €300 and includes coffee breaks, lunch on 15 January 2020 and an optional dinner on the evening of 14 January 2020.

Registration Deadline: 7 January 2020



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