P.I.C. - Innovative Polymer Composites

Description of the project

The aim of this project is to develop new high-performance composite materials. "High performance composite materials" means a base material (polymer matrix) reinforced with a second material. This type of material has potentially new and improved characteristics compared to the current state of the art. The potential of these composites is based on thermal resistance, rigidity, mass gain, reduction of friction and wear, biocompatibility and others.

The P.I.C. Project aims to develop these materials for certain innovative manufacturing processes that makes it possible to be very flexible when shaping them. It is therefore structured around several shaping processes (additive and subtractive manufacturing) such as 3D printing or shaping by material removal. The aim here is to develop a range of composites for these processes with the properties mentioned above. In order to control the entire shaping process, the project also involves the integration of composite materials within more conventional processes such as injection, machining etc.