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There is a great wealth of materials and processes in the fields of research, technology transfer, and industry in the Greater East region.

However, the diverse nature of these structures makes it difficult to understand this wealth. Pooling knowledge and information and organising consultations and meetings between the large number of players in this sector makes the industry easier to grasp and the stakeholders better known. Materalia's vocation is to be the interface between knowledge production, technology supply and industrial development.

The Materalia cluster's mission is to support its members (start-ups, very small businesses, small and medium sized companies, intermediate size companies, groups, institutions, technical centres, research laboratories, local authorities, engineering schools etc.) by finding economic opportunities and creating jobs, and in particular by promoting project implementation.
This comprehensive approach is carried out mainly by increasing the economic impact of development projects on the one hand and by encouraging the creation of new products or services on the other . The cluster also seeks to promote the results obtained while encouraging projects with a strong economic impact.
More generally, Materalia's initiatives concerning industrial projects can be summarised as follows:
  • Supporting the growth of SMEs and ETIs in the different French regions
  • Helping access to finance
  • Expanding international reach
  • Anticipating companies' needs for particular skills
Materalia's missions and contributions, relating to projects :
  • Skill search (technological know-how, partners)
  • Creating consortiums with the appropriate scheduling of the different stages of the project.
  • Project certification
  • Project and company follow-up
  • Project promotion (portfolio, newsletter)

For each project, Materalia identifies the appropriate partners, provides solid technological expertise, structures and secures the project holders' industrial property, assists the project holder with statutory and regulatory matters, helps source the required financing, provides access to European R&D and innovation programmes, guides the project holder towards the marketing and sale of the products etc.
Some examples of projects

The cluster has approached the main stakeholders to suggest structuring the materials and processes sector with the aim of giving it the international visibility it deserves. In this respect, the support of the French State services and the Greater East Region was decisive.
The two main initiatives followed by Materalia :
  • Structuring the Materials and Processes sector
  • Structuring additive manufacturing in the Greater East Region​
As Materalia knows its members' areas of expertise, Materalia actively participates in the early identification of R&D issues that could be the subject of European calls for projects.
European initiatives are focused on the needs of technology-intensive intermediate sized companies and small and medium sized companies to enable them to identify projects and cooperation consistent with their scientific and commercial strategies: the cluster's expertise is particularly useful for companies with sufficient R&D capacity, but without the know-how required to manage complex projects.

In summary, Materalia acts mainly at European level on the following initiatives :
  • Export related initiatives and other forms of support for the internationalisation of companies;
  • Initiatives reinforcing the activities of partners who are experts in export (Chambers of Commerce, etc.);
  • Targeted contacts ;

Materalia helps you construct your project and awards it a certificate.
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