Becoming a member of Materalia means :
  • Joining a community of excellence, a network of industrialists, laboratories and engineering schools focused on innovation, in an evolving ecosystem.
  • Being part of exchanges between members of a strong network: large groups, SMEs and start-ups, research structures and institutional members at different levels (regional, national and international), in an ambitious environment dedicated to materials and processes.
  • Developing ideas and projects at the R&D stage into completed, competitive and market-ready products and services.
  • Certifying projects to increase your chances of obtaining public or private funding at regional, national or European level.
  • Accessing the cluster's services for your specific monitoring needs, partner search, assembly and follow-up of your development projects (see list of services).
  • Using the cluster's existing communication media (website, newsletter, press relations, events, newsletter, activity report).


Who can become a member ?
The Materalia competitiveness cluster is open to all types of public and private structures (industrial, academic, institutional, research laboratory, etc.), working together on subjects related to the fields and themes addressed by Materalia, on aspects of development, innovation and  industrialization.

The cluster, located in Metz and Charleville-Mézières, works throughout the Greater East region, while integrating its projects at a national and European level. Materalia is therefore also open to structures outside the Greater East region whose themes are related to those of the cluster.


  • Support for collaborative or individual R&D projects
  • Certifying projects so they can apply for calls for projects and funding of various kinds (public/private, regional/national/international)
  • Participate in the cluster's life and in particular in Materalia's general meeting
  • Pay the annual subscription voted at the General Assembly

The membership fee
The fee is annual and is calculated according to the type of structure and size of personnel, using the scale below.
COMPANIES Micro-business
0 to 9 employees
300 € before tax
360 € including all taxes
10 to 249 salariés
1 000 € before tax
1 200 € inc. all taxes 
250 to 4999 employees
3 000 € before tax
3 600 € inc. all taxes 
5000 employees and more
5 000  € before tax
6 000 € inc. all taxes 
5 000 € HT
6 000 € inc. all taxes 
Research Centre
3 000 € HT
3 600 € inc. all taxes 
School, Laboratory
1 000 € HT
1 200 € inc. all taxes 
Technical Centre
2 000 € HT
2 400 € inc. all taxes 
Consular/Prof Federation.
3 500 € HT
4 200 € inc. all taxes 
800 € HT
960 € inc. all taxes 
Financial Partner
5 000  € HT
6 000 € inc. all taxes 
Others (Public Authorities,...) 
Specific amount