Materalia awards your projects a quality label recognised by the funding organisations: any company or laboratory that is a member of the cluster, or wishes to become one, can submit a project with a view to obtaining the Materalia label. The label is issued after project appraisal by the competitiveness cluster, according to the following criteria:
  • Partnership of the project
  • Consistency with the cluster's priorities
  • Scientific content and innovative nature of the project
  • Economic relevance of the project and local economic benefits

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    Are you the initiator of a training course? Materalia can certify you for a period of 4 years, for diploma or qualification courses (initial, apprenticeship or further education) provided that you meet certain eligibility criteria. This label is intended for new training courses but can also be issued for existing training courses with new modules or courses added that relate to materials. The training institute can use the label to benefit from the cluster's support and the support of the manufacturers in the network.

    The aim of the training project is to make the materials and processes trades and industry more attractive, mostly to young people, but also to older people. Training is an important concern for the cluster to ensure its members have the skills required to carry out their innovation projects successfully and be sure they are sustainable.

    In addition to the necessary exchanges between members, the Commission is labelling specific initial training courses: under this roadmap, specific training courses may be implemented in line with the cluster's strategic priorities.


    In 2014, Materalia certified 2 training courses :
    • Certification during a training course: Materials Control and Analysis Degree (IUT Forbach), Aeronautics Vocational Baccalaureate (Bac pro Aéronautique, Lycée Jean Zay)
    • Support for an ESAD Chair: IDIS - Industry, Design and Social Innovation at the Reims School of Art and Design

    In 2015, Materalia certified 4 training courses :

    • Degree in Materials Testing and Analysis (Licence contrôle et analyse des matériaux, IUT Forbach)
    • Aeronautics Vocational Baccalaureate (Bac pro Aéronautique, Lycée Jean Zay)
    • Engineering Degree - Process and Materials Engineering Innovative Industrial Processes Applied to Materials  (Diplôme d'ingénieur - Génie des Procédés et Matériaux Procédés Industriels Innovants Appliqués aux Matériaux) (PIIAM), (IFTS Charleville-Mézières)

    • ICN Executive MBA (Metz)

    In 2016, Materalia certified 2 training courses:

    • Certification of two CIFRE theses (led by ANRT)

    • Partnership within the framework of the DEREFEI training course "Becoming the energy reference in industry" (led by Optinergie and ADEME)